About us

«The history of the company shows the dynamics of the development of a successful enterprise and a steady movement towards the goal. We express our gratitude to all who actively participated in the creation of this story. We invite those who are close to our goals and who are ready to create history with us.»
Mikhail Pyatashov
History of the company


The history of the Golden Domes factory began in 2000. The charismatic and ambitious military pilot Mikhail Pyatashov opened a workshop in the city of Pokrov, Vladimir Region. Even then, the big name spoke of serious plans for the future. However, 16 years ago everything looked rather modest - a small room, several craftsmen who worked on creating jewelry from precious metals and a founder with unquenchable energy and a desire for continuous development.

Over the years, the small workshop turned into a large jewelry factory: 250 professional workers, thousands of square meters, advanced technology and hundreds of thousands of jewelry made with love. Behind this difficult story is a truly strong and purposeful person who managed to build a powerful company and grow the strongest jewelry masters who have become famous far beyond the borders of Russia. Overcoming many trials and difficulties, the result was achieved not because of something, but in spite of.

Jewelry made of gold, silver, with the use of inserts and modern design - despite the current scale of the factory, they are created with the same quality, warmth and love that many years ago. We have mastered many advanced technologies. Patented own developments. We try to be one step ahead of our competitors. Behind each product there is a close-knit team of rofessionals who are not indifferent to their work - ideological, inspired and ready to turn any mountains. And we sincerely believe in each of them.

Our collections set trends and gain recognition at world exhibitions, while the team of the Golden Domes factory is already working on a new one. Even now, when you read this text, we embody another grandiose id.

Today, the company is an industrial complex for the production of high-quality jewelry made of gold and silver with units for wholesale, retail, corporate and individual orders.


Before the finished product appears in our catalog, it passes through the hands of a friendly and professional team of craftsmen. On 2500 square meters, furnished with innovative equipment, jewelry magic is created. Sit back, now we will reveal the secrets of our production.

Forming ideas

The birth of jewelry begins with an idea and a sketch.

Creating a 3d model

3D-fashion designer creates a digital model of the product in a special program.


Digital model grown on a 3D printer.

Master - model

Fashion designers give the prototype a finished look.

Rubber press form

Model is ready for replication.


The stone is fixed in wax manually using special technologies.

Set «Fir-three»

Wax tree prepare for casting.


Modern technologies allow melt wax and get semi-finished products with stones.


The decoration is brought to its logical conclusion and passes quality control.


On polished jewelry gleams noble metal.


Super Gloss Rhodium Plated and protection decoration.

Otk and packaging

Quality assurance - the state brand and name of the manufacturer.

Calculation of your margin

You can make a trial order and see yourself that your customers will love our jewelry