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Calculation of your margin

Calculation of your margin

You can make a trial order and see yourself that your customers will love our jewelry


Example: you purchased items worth RUB 500,000


In the first month, you sold from 30 to 60% of items with a standard 100% margin

Margin calculation

RUB 500,000 х 100% = RUB 1,000,000 Thus, your profit was from RUB300,000 to 600,000. With this profit, you cover the costs of purchasing products in the first month and support the turnover, and will enjoy net profit already in the next month


You use the net profit to buy more items: as your capital turnover grows, so does your profit


You gain confidence in the products that you sell as they appeal to more customers. You only have to strengthen your selection by ordering new and popular items

Profit increase

Your clientèle grows, customers tend to buy more often, more regular customers, income grows

Our partners

More than 3000 wholesales partners from Russia and CIS. Corporate clients:


Your customers

  • Wide selection

    Of gift ideas
  • Exellent quality

    5 QA steps, manufacturer warranty
  • Varied product lines

    from mass products to exclusive

Your business

  • Designer as a relible partner

    More than 18 years in the industry
  • Varied and stylish jewelry

    silver and gold (family jewelry)
  • Hight conversion products

    conversion rate from 30 to 60%